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SBCA Home Networking Fundamentals

This course is separate from the DIRECTV Contractor Networking 101 Course.

Consumer electronics are becoming more integrated into home networks.  Understanding how to properly install, service, and educate consumers is critical to ensuring a successful customer experience.  SBCA has created an online course designed to provide sales and installation professionals with the foundational knowledge of home networking.  By taking this course individuals will be better prepared to understand the numerous products that they are installing and integrating.

  • Module 1 - Understanding the Basics
    • Understand how a home network works (Home -> Router -> Computer/Device)
    • Types of Networks
      • Local Area Networks (LANs)
      • Wired
        • Ethernet Cable (CAT-5)
  • Module 2 - Making it Work: Device and Peripheral Integration
    • Important concepts to understand in getting devices to talk to one another
    • Devices and gadgets that integrate or enhance a home
  • Module 3 - Integrating Devices
    • Integrating Video
    • Integrating Music
    • File Sharing
    • Remote Access
  • Module 4 - Beyond the Basics
    • Security Threats
    • Backup Solutions
    • Advanced Topics
    • Networks Servicing
  • 30 questions, 1 hour
  • Non-Member Price: $75
  • 85% or better to pass, 1 free retake
  • Member Price: $50
Membership status is determined by whether the technician pays annual dues or is directly employed by a company that pays annual dues to the SBCA (the company name must be provided with the order form)
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The SBCA National Standards & Testing Program certifies that installers have passed standardized testing developed by the SBCA and industry leaders.  The SBCA does not guarantee the quality of nor assume any liability for the work performed by the certified installer.

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